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We make clean, safe water available to communities in need.

The Problem

Over 6 Million people lack access to safe, clean water in South Africa

This is a serious problem. Currently 1 out of 3 schools in South Africa do not have access to safe clean drinking water and clean sanitation. This problem mainly affects children aged 6 - 18 years who are most at risk of sickness from waterborne diseases and the danger of unsafe sanitation.

The Kusini Water Filtration System

A Unique System to Filter Water

Kusini Water has developed a filtration system that will help change the tide on the water issues in South Africa. Not only will it bring clean water to communities and schools that need it most; it also supports local jobs and doesn't require direct electricity to operate. Our system is designed to create lasting impact with less problems.


A Better Approach

Unlike current best practice of Reverse Osmosis our system doesn’t have any waste discharge. It shouldn’t cause further strain on constrained resources such as energy. Widely and vastly tested. We have been running it for the last 10 months and work with the SABS.

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Kusini Water filters come to site fully pre-wired and once delivered deployrapidly to give water.

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Kusini systems use locally sourcedmacadamia nut shells that areoff-waste, use no electricity and generatezero waste.

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Quality in Every Drop

All our water systems comply with theSouth African national drinking water Standard (SANS 241:2015) and arecertified by an accredited laboratory. 99.9999% Reduction in disease, debris and dirt.

Three Easy Ways for You to make a Difference. Whether you’re a Business or an Individual

How can you be part of making a difference?


Sponsor a Site

One of the best ways to create an impact and support communities is to sponsor Kusini Water Treatment Sites around South Africa. A Water treatment site not only provides clean water, it also creates job opportunities in the communities we install them in.

Sponsor a Site

H2Hope Fund

The Kusini H2Hope fund allows us to keep installing and maintaining rhese crucial systems around South Africa. 100% of your contribution is used to do that!


Shop Kusini Water

With our 1 for 20 model, you create social impact just by choosing to buy Kusini Water Products like Bottled Water, Hydration Gift Boxes or our Kusini Save Water T-shirt made from Recycled Plastic bottles!
We supply water for Homes, Offices and events.

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