Kusini Water's official response to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.

Official COVID-19 Response

Over the last 3 year Kusini Water has been working to improve access to safe drinking water for communities affected by lack of access to clean water. We have worked with 12 communities and have averaged over 3 million litres of clean water a month.  

Even though governments around the world are preaching the benefits of washing hands as a critical intervention to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, without access to clean and safe water, effective hand-washing is nearly impossible for many communities. This makes good health nearly impossible. This leaves many individuals, families, health care facilities and entire communities at unprecedented risk.

Our Mission

Bringing water to everyone in need. This mission has never been more urgent than right this moment.

At a time when we’re all being instructed to wash our hands to stop the spread of COVID-19, 6 million South Africans lack access to a basic hand washing facility. Over 2320 schools lack clean water for hand washing and adequate sanitation. 

Since 2016, Kusini Water has been focused on supporting the exact areas of need we’re seeing right now. In order to effectively respond to this pandemic the Kusini Water foundation is partnering with local NGO’s to provide extensive water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programming. That means the communities, schools, and health clinics we serve not only have access to clean and safe water, they also have the knowledge and resources they need to stay healthy.

Our Response to COVID-19

Our programme for the month of May and June

The safety of our staff, partners, and beneficiaries is our top priority. Our office and support staff will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. We will suspend all out of province travel. Our implementing partners around the country will be the key to us getting to the goals we have set up. 

We are therefore proud to announce that Kusini Water has setup a Non-Profit company, Kusini Foundation, that will manage all our projects and all the individual donations for sites. Kusini Foundation will manage our new campaign project, H2Hope and we aim to bring clean water to Five communities in the Eastern Cape, Five in Gauteng and Five in Limpopo over the next month. 

Learn more about H2Hope here.


This is a programme that allows you, our communities to give directly to sites. 

Our campaign pledge: 100% of all individual contributions will go to our Impact Sites. 

See Our Partners & Impact Sites here.

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