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Quality, still and sparkling water for hospitality and hotel industry

Solving Water Supply in the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality sector water demand is uneven and depends on the number of taps opened at the same time, this varying numbers depend on people staying at the same time and makes effective water management difficult. When you use Kusini treatment systems for your hospitality establishment, the system helps you get clean crisp water, monitors maximum and minimum water flow with an Internet of things (IOT) system that allows you to better monitor and manage your water bill and quality.

What are the benefits of using Kusini Water?

It Saves
You Money

By using kusini system and sensors you can save up to 60% vs using bottled water.

Better Resource

You can see when and how much water you use daily.

Clean Water

We certify water safety for all your client by providing water results monthly.


Using kusini treatment and dispenser you remove single use plastic bottled water.

OUr Water Filter Technology

Both of our water treatment systems are high-quality systems that include a water monitoring system so that you’re always on top of useage and maintenance.

Water Treatment Box

The Water Treatment Box allows you to safely purify water from any source to international standard. The system does anything from 16 liters per minute to 200 liters per minute using renewable energy and only takes 5SQM.

Smart Water Dispenser

The Smart Water Dispenser is more than just a smart water machine. Hooking up to an existing water line, dispenser provides customizable pours of still, sparkling, and flavored water on demand.

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