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North West

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Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality is facing challenges on scarcity of water due to the drying up of water sources throughout the District. We take note of the plight of our communities including those of Majemantsho, Magogoe Central and Koikoi in the Mahikeng Local Municipality.

Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality as a Water Service Authority takes account and is responsible for providing access to clean water and sanitation to its communities throughout the District, but due to the ageing infrastructure and the limitations of underground water, water tankering is used as an intervention of the last resort, as proper plans for the rehabilitation of infrastructures are put into place.

Over the past years the underground water levels dropped, which posed a serious threat regarding the provision of water to communities as currently, in the Mahikeng Local Municipality and surrounding areas, the District is experiencing low water pressure as a result of only three of the twelve boreholes being operational from Molopo Eye. Previously, the Eye as affectionately known used to produce 1 400kl/hr and currently it produces only 800 kl/hr, therefore it is difficult to have an ongoing and unrestricted water supply.

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